Lt. General Sadiq Ali HI(M)

Since it’s founding in 1954, Brass Mill – POF remained as a mother factory for provision of input to Ammo production by POF, up-graded and privatized as WAH BRASS. Today it is equipped with state of the art technology and facilities to set a new benchmark for the Brass products and quality. Company's highly skilled work force, with their rich occurrence in the non-ferrous industry are devoting their efforts to provide premium quality BRASS, striving for not simply to meet but in fact to exceed customer’s expectations.

WAH BRASS as a team of experienced and socially responsible professionals, being aware of emerging intense competitions presented by the ever changing dynamics of the market is indulged in constantly enhancing its capabilities and prioritizes to serve its customers with the best possible solutions for their Brass elucidation. Coping up with all the opportunities and threats efficiently and effectively, WAH BRASS is competent of casting 24000 MT to cater the demand of domestic and international markets. As an asset of the state it is a moment of honor for us that WAH BRASS is being trusted as a brand of choice among customers.

WAH BRASS is fully geared to develop copper alloys like Brass, Gilding Metal & Gilding Metal Cladded Steel used for extensive array of inputs, ranging from basic industrial materials for construction, automobile, machinery for hi-tech industries such as Electronics, Defense / Sporting Ammunition, Sanitary Water fittings, Surgical Instruments & Cutlery, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Garments and Ornamental industry.

WAH BRASS being customer focused concern, we believe in continuous research and developing innovative techniques to extend matchless quality creating a pathway of achieving our ‘’Vision’’ of setting new standards of quality.


Mr. Shahid Mehmood

As of recent developments WAH BRASS has entered into an era of reformation. The already installed facility was not sufficient to outfit the demands of Pakistan Defense needs in conjunction with cross rim opportunities. Embraced with multiple challenges yet to address the need of the time, development of an in-depth, innovative and out of the box solution was mandatory that must not burden the country’s economy. Keeping in view the gauged potential for WAH BRASS business in domestic and offshore markets, a substantial up-gradation and technical restructuring was planned before embarking on this mega scale project. Alhamdo-Lillah, I feel immense pleasure to mention that it was followed by a successful execution. A team of multidisciplinary professionals with massive experience and hard work achieved what WAH BRASS is today.

From naissance of Brass Mill in 1954 to 2015 as WAH BRASS, the Company is successfully developing copper and copper alloys, Gilding Metal/Gilding Metal Cladded Steel, the essential input materials for various kinds of industries. This indigenously produced premium quality brass will not only result in saving precious foreign exchange, as it was previously in case of importing from abroad but will also contribute to maximizing return on investments for Pakistani industrialists coupled with having satisfaction of best quality purchased for their production.

WAH BRASS, is now equipped with most modernized technology of the day, committed to introduce optimized standards of products and quality. As a team of seasoned professionals will stay continuously engaged in addressing customer’s demands with the most appropriate quality solution. Being customer focused Organization, with continuous research and development, WAH BRASS earnestly resolve to deliver unmatched possibilities for its customers, enhancing and deploying to achieve its visionary objectives.


Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and getting the well done job,

Mr. Shahid Mehmood

Chief Executive officer - WBM

Mr. M Afzal

Memeber production control - POF

Mr. Hashmat Hussain

Managing Director - Wah Industries Ltd